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Bro, like, get this shit right here. Right here, bro. Listen to me. I’m thinkin like this, yo. They tell us the universe is all big and shit, right? Like, its absolutely huge. So big that we can’t even see the end of it, and its farther than we can hope to travel within a billion-fucking-lifetimes.  That’s like, ten zeroes or somethin like that.

that’s some hardcore shit.

But get this, man. Not only is the universe mind-numbingly enormous, physicists tell us that the visible universe that we can measure is only four percent of the actual universe. Four percent. You know how much that is? Like, where our planets was once a spec of dust floating in a sea, now were like, tiny an electron in a molecule of the dust in that sea. Were billions of times tinier than we already thought we were, which was already really, really, really small to begin with.

But this is my thing, alright. How do they know if its really just 4%? Like, have they weighed and measured the whole entire universe, or just stared at it for a long time? I think, like, were less than 1% of the universe or somethin, you know? And if thats the case, how much stuff do we actually know, aside from the stuff we just think we know, and don’t really know at all?

I mean, check this shit out; we didn’t even discover oxygen till like the late 1700’s. Oxygen, bro! We didn’t know what the damn air was made of until 200 years ago. And years later, we found out the air had a limit, and that was the atmosphere. And THEN we figured out that outside that atmosphere, was literally nothing but empty space. But before all that happened, everyone was walking around and they thought they knew the truth about the atmosphere, and they were all wrong, man!

But bro, my point is like, what if we haven’t discovered ‘oxygen’ yet, in outer space? The “atmosphere” or whatever- ya dig? What if all of our celestial mechanics and shit are all wonky and under constant revision because we are embedded in this cosmic weave that we’re unaware of, and its fucken with are calculations, because we can’t take it into account.

But were also so small compared to the rest of the universe, that the cosmic weave is literally undetectable to us. Like, check it; how many ants do you know that know what a galaxy or a star is? Fuckin none, bro. They just go on there little ant business all day long. They couldn’t know if they wanted to, because they’re to little, they can’t comprehend it. They don’t even know they’re in the milky way galaxy, but they are.

We’re the same, dude! We’re little ants, and we don’t even know it! Our planet is like, an electron in an atom in a molecule in a spec of dust in an office building in some giganto-alien universe!

Shit’s heavy and what not, but I don’t know where I was goin with that. I think i’ma go fetch me some cheetos now.

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