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The Gas Station

So I was just chillin at the convenient store/Gas Station mindin my own business when I realized that I had somewhere more important to be. So naturally I start walkin out and as im walkin out, the store clerk starts talkin to me, like, ‘sir, you need to pay for that gum.’ And I’m all, ‘dude, wtf are you talkin bout?’ and I just keep walkin.  And this guy, he keeps talkin. And right as I hit the door, he yells out ‘THAT GUMS NOT YOURS, I’M GOING T-” and by that point I was out the door. I tell ya, I can’t stand some of those gas station attendants. They think the world is all theirs or something, like because you messed up and ended up at that job, I owe you something. Naw dude, you got it all wrong.

So im walking down the street, and like, not to far from the gas station, this big dude in a white shirt and green slacks starts yellin at me too. I dont know what it is today. And this guy, he does this dumb a** wave at me, all like reachin out for a high five or somethin, and I can hear him look at me and shout out “STOP!” This dude, with is face, looks SO confused, so I point at myself, and i’m like “KEVIN!” And he just yells “STOP!” again, and I’m like “my name is KEVIN!” and he was like “YOUR UNDER ARREST!” and im like, “Im under a what?” and I explain to him “Dude, I don’t know what country your from, but i’m from America, and here we speak American, and if you don’t like it you can get out and go somewhere else.” and then he pulled a fricken tazer gun out on me, and tried shooting me- except it was a dud. And now im like, damn, I better get running, cause this guys seriously wants to hurt me. So I book it down the road, and I keep running, and it seems like this guy is loosing gain on me. And then like, I after passed Baskin Robbins over by highway 301 and Desoto, and he just gave up or disappeared or something.

Yeah, pretty exciting day or whatev’s; but anyway, that gum wasn’t all that great at all. That ‘long lasting flavor’ crap is pretty over-rated.

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