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There are just so many things in this world that I don’t get. So many people are dumb and just don’t know how to handle life. I swear, there are just some people that don’t know their left from their right. People in the world today are a lot stupider than they were a few years ago, you can tell.

Let me tell you about this one time: I was hanging out with my friends at their house, and we were all just chillin on the couch, havin laughs and a good time. Than I decide to get up and go get a drink. And before I even make it out of the living room, one of the guys asks me if I ‘could get him a drink too’.

Can you believe that? He thinks that just because I’m a women and i’m going up to get a drink, he can just ask me because its convenient. He didn’t notice me or ask me to get it when I wasn’t getting up to get the drink. He’s only using me. Like a misogynist-pig. The nerve on that man. I mean, like, I got him the drink just to be nice, but gosh- What a jerk. We don’t need men like him in this world. Or men at all, when I think about it. They should just not exist.

But that’s not the only thing wrong with this world. I mean, there’s just so much work to do! And people are just spoiled, they make a mess and expect someone else to clean it up for them!

That’s what’s really wrong with this Country- too much of a mess around here, I don’t know how to deal with all of it. I mean just this morning, I woke up and I had to do dishes! And their was a HUGE pile of them! Who expects me to do all these dishes? And first off, like, who put them there? 

And you can’t even talk to other people about all the dishes you have to do, either, without them sticking their nose in your business. I was venting about my dishes around my friends again, and this one person was like, “this is just my two scents, but I notice that when I do my dishes little by little, they never pile up like that. I’m also a stupid-face and I like talking when know one cares what i’m saying.”  

Well Mr. Stupid-Face, I have some information for you. First off, I don’t like you, and I think your shoes are nasty, and out of style. Second off, I will do my dishes whenever I feel like it, so you can leave your 2 cents out of my change jar. So unless you have anything else to offer, besides your chump change, I suggest you go somewhere else with that racist republican work ethic of yours.

And then, The other day, I was at work, and this guy walked in. I immediately did not like him. He seemed overly confident and cocky, as if he was sooo entitled everything around him- the way he was taking his time staring at the menu above the counter (I can’t stand those people!). And after like, five minutes, he comes up to me and asks for a medium coffee. And I made that medium coffee -mostly just because its my job, otherwise, I wouldn’t of done it- but I made sure to let that guy know that I was not a fan of making that coffee for him. And then after that he gave me this weird look and told me to ‘have a nice day’ and left. Translation; ‘I don’t like your face and i’m just pretending to be nice to you.

Ugh-k. What a meanie. I swear, I don’t understand some people. Literally all you have to do for the world to be a better place is decide to be nice to other people and your surroundings, and those same people will literally return the favor and give back because all relationships are a two-way street so don’t expect life to give you a magic box full of happy things when you cop a bratty attitude like that. 

People, I swear. So stupid.

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