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So the same guy who was pretty stoned last time decided he’d get stoned again and read a book, instead of doing what he usually does and looks out at the stars. He picked “The Singularity is Near” by Ray Kurzweil called , and read it for three hours.

This was the longest three hours of his life. He felt like he had progressed a lot,  but he didn’t make it past the first 10 pages of the book. He was to busy tossing around the implications of what he was reading, in between actually reading it. He would read a paragraph, or maybe even a sentence, and stop and ponder until he remembered that he was supposed to be reading.

In the book, there were these charts of how intelligent entities and complex structures become greater in number at an exponential rate. Thats smart persons way of saying the shit grows super fast.  Really fast. And not only that, but you could mark them on a graph, and even make predictions about how fast technology was going to develop within the modern age. And they were just about always right. At least thats what the author said.

If these pictures he was looking at were true, they implied the universe was not meaningless at all, but was super-metaphysically driven to a specific purpose of some kind. Building shit! This manifested in the structures of galaxies, of solar systems, life on planets, and the technology that life created.

This was big news. Soon machines were going to become autonomous from humans and take over the world like they did in the matrix. Destruction would rain down on Earth while an elite class of rich people would travel through space to live on another planet light years away, leaving behind their desolate home world for their machine creations to thrive on what was left.

That’s not exactly what the book said, but that’s what he got out of it. He never did pick that book up again; but on the same token, it made his day job a lot easier to handle knowing that soon, the apocalypse would be here, and he would be in outer space to witness it all.

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